You Won’t Believe What White Tigers Eat in the Wild!


White tigers, with their striking appearance and majestic presence, have captured the imagination of people around the world. These magnificent creatures, known for their unique coat color, belong to the Bengal tiger species. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the captivating question: What do white tigers eat? By understanding their dietary preferences, we can gain valuable insights into their ecological role and conservation needs.

The Natural Diet of White Tigers

White tigers, like their orange counterparts, are carnivores with a diet primarily consisting of:

Prey in the Wild

  1. Deer: White tigers are opportunistic hunters and often target deer species such as chital, sambar, and hog deer. These ungulates provide a substantial portion of their diet in the wild.
  2. Wild Boar: Wild boars are another common prey item for white tigers. These omnivorous mammals are relatively abundant in the tiger’s natural habitat and serve as a vital food source.
  3. Gaur: White tigers are known to occasionally take down larger prey, such as gaurs, which are massive bovine animals found in certain regions of their range. Hunting and capturing gaurs require significant strength and skill.
  4. Water Buffalo: Water buffaloes, both wild and domesticated, are formidable prey for white tigers. These large herbivores provide a substantial meal and can sustain a tiger for several days.

Other Potential Food Sources

  1. Small Mammals: While larger prey items form the core of a white tiger’s diet, they may also feed on smaller mammals like hares, rabbits, and smaller rodents when opportunities arise.
  2. Birds: White tigers are known to hunt various bird species. Waterfowl, peafowl, and other ground-dwelling birds are among their potential avian prey.

Hunting Strategies of White Tigers

White tigers are apex predators and employ various hunting strategies to secure their food. Some notable tactics include:

Stealth and Ambush

  1. Camouflage: White tigers’ unique coat coloration allows them to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, making them highly effective ambush predators. They patiently stalk their prey, utilizing cover to get within striking range.
  2. Surprise Attacks: These powerful felines rely on their agility and speed to launch sudden attacks, catching their prey off guard and minimizing the chance of escape.

Pursuit and Capture

  1. Stalking: White tigers are adept at stalking their prey, employing stealthy movements and staying low to the ground to avoid detection.
  2. Burst of Speed: When the moment is right, white tigers unleash their incredible speed, sprinting towards their prey with remarkable agility. This burst of speed helps them close the distance quickly.

FAQs about the Dietary Habits of White Tigers

Can white tigers eat fish?

While fish is not a typical part of their diet, white tigers are capable of catching and consuming fish if they encounter them in their habitat. However, it is not a primary food source for them.

Do white tigers eat carrion?

White tigers are primarily active hunters and prefer fresh prey. However, like other tigers, they may scavenge on carrion if the opportunity presents itself, especially during periods when prey is scarce.

How much do white tigers eat in a day?

The amount of food a white tiger consumes in a day varies depending on factors such as the size of the prey, its nutritional value, and the individual tiger’s age, health, and activity level. On average, a white tiger can consume 10 to 15 pounds of meat in a day.


In conclusion, white tigers are carnivores with a diet centered around large ungulates such as deer, wild boar, gaur, and water buffalo. They employ stealth, ambush, and pursuit strategies to secure their meals. Understanding the dietary preferences and hunting strategies of white tigers is essential for their conservation and ensuring their survival in the wild.


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